Innovative Rehabilitation Technology and Equipment 

Scifit Step One 


A strength training and range of motion, provides a smooth, total body functional movement. It features low starting resistance, direct wheelchair access, adjustable arm length and handle angle, customizable programs



A virtual rehab technology that incorporates from low to high level patients and engages them in activities that will promote function and many times have them complete exercises without them knowing



Multi-Modality Therapy System- innovative multi-channel electrotherapy and ultrasound combo system that can be utilized for pain management, continence improvement, neurological rehab, orthopedic and wound management

OmniSWD (Short Wave Diathermy) 


Challenge patients beyond static frames, while keeping them safely supported. One-on-one to provide effective, progressive balance and pre-gait training, instead of needing to focus just on keeping them upright.

Hi-Low Mat


Allows the therapist to adjust the treating surface to meet the patient’s needs

Electric Standing Frame


Endurance and strength, regain mobility and independence



Endurance, strengthening, prepare for home and community re-integration

Parallel Bars


Help patients regain mobility, strength, balance, and endurance

Outdoor Mobility Garden


Garden featuring uneven terrain, steps and ramp access for community re-integration training

Graded Exercise Equipment


Upper and lower body strengthening

Medical Grade Treadmill


Low impact, moderate to intense levels of rehabilitation while providing constant information for customization and management of each session. Designed with full-length handrails allowing increased support. 

Vitalstim® Therapy System


Adjunctive modality to traditional exercise that unites the power of electrical stimulation of the motor nerve with the benefits of swallowing exercises. 

Home Safety Evaluations


Therapist will go to the patient’s home to ensure the patient is a safe discharge and monitor ADLs

Modified Barium Studies 


Performed on site for those with swallowing issues

Omni Cycle


One of the most advanced therapeutic exercise systems, the OmniCycle® assists patients who struggle to participate in therapeutic exercise due to strength, coordination or neurological, orthopedic, or cardiopulmonary challenges. 

Ultrasound/ Electrical stimulation/ Diathermy/ Hot-Cold


Modalities utilized to treat various clinical conditions such as acute and chronic pain, wounds, muscle weakness and provide neuromuscular re-education for strengthening.


And Also,


Mat table, Weights, Therabands, Assistive devices (walkers, canes, etc), Adaptive ADL equipment and stepping Blocks


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